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Splitify is a mobile app that removes the awkwardness of speaking about money issues and identifies the relative financial contributions of individuals and enable fairer contributions over relevant periods of time.

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Organizing and splitting your group expenses was never this easy and quick before as how splitify does. Splitify has been designed to make sharing any expense simpler… be it a road trip, a meal out, an international vacation, weekend trips, a night out or even shared household expenses and more.


Splitify has been designed in such a way that it is very user friendly and can be used without any help of a tutorial. The UI used in splitify is very simple but innovative.


The calculations made by splitify is 100% accurate and we at splitify can bet that you will not find any error in calculations made by splitify


With Splitify, lots of time can be saved since everything in simple and transparent in splitify.

Best App
in the market

In a very short span of time, Splitify has become a best app in the market. We care and value the feedbacks from our users. The features and simple UI of splitify has given us a tagline called 'A MUST HAVE APP'.

Instant Overview/

View where you stand with respect to payments in one click


Everyone can see their balance and add new expenses


Everyone gets push notification about new expenses and changes

Track & Share/

Track all expenses made by everyone and Share group expenses with your friends


Online approval system for all the expenses and payments


Send to an email with PDF reports of summary and final balances of each activity


Go throught the below screen shot to see how simple SPLITIFY is! All the stpes of creating an activity has been picturised below.

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